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Pauline Fulham
JIM is amazing always there for me when I need things fixed on a hurry. Fix right and always timely. I would dare to say he is probably the best in Georgina!

New Roots Garden Centre   Hello Jim,
Thank you for touching base.
Everything is working great and I am very happy with the service we received
Thanks again 

Lisa Shaughnessy
Big thanks to Jim Waller Computer Dr. for another save. He always has me up and running within a day (obviously depending on how much damage I did). I trust him entirely with my tech. He’s honest and great at what he does.

Jonathan Loree‎
I just want to give a big shout out to Jim Waller from the ‘Computer Doctor.’ I’ve used Jim’s services 4 times and he has always been extremely helpful as well and professional. I recommend Computer Doctor for all you computer needs.

Gina Semeniuk
We have used Jim several times ourselves for both our business and personal needs and I agree he is extrememly helpful and professional.

Krista Lee‎ to Jim Waller
I am very impressed with the service I received today from ComputerDr! Fast efficient service with a smile! He fixed a computer that I thought might be a goner!! Very impressed. Thanks Jim. I will definitely be calling you with any future concern!!

Josh Stevens (Sterling Tire)
Best on the biz! 5 Stars! Had our new computer designed, built and installed in 2 days to keep our business going.

Tania Vernon
My new best friend is Jim Waller! Maybe he doesn't know this yet. Jim drove to my house in these terrible conditions to fix my printer. There are no words for how grateful I am

Suzanne Bullock
I would like to give a shout out to Jim Waller from the Computer Doctor! I had an issue with my laptop overheating, Jim was able to resolve the issue in minutes and my laptop is no longer having issues. I would strongly suggest giving the Computer Doctor a call if you are in need of a computer repair. He was very professional, efficient and great customer service. I would absolutely recommend!! Thank you!

Roxanne Doucette-Huntley
I would like to send out a great big thanks to Jim Waller for helping fix my lap top, he explained things to me that was wrong with it and helped me fix it. Thanks again..

Kevin Swain
A HUGE Thank You to Jim Waller The Computer Dr. for jumping to my aid so quickly. I run a business and had somehow (likely my fault) acquired a virus on my computer allowing fraudsters to access my online banking. After clearing up that mess with the bank (I got all my funds back), I turned to Jim to help me get my computer back in order so I could not only continue business, but leave today for Europe for my first vacation in 7 years. Jim took my computer in last night, found the culprit(s) and cleaned everything up. My computer is also now running way faster and smoother. He then installed a great antivirus program which is way better than any of the ones typically found in stores or preinstalled on systems. I can now leave for vacation knowing everything is good and both my business and personal funds are safe. I highly recommend his services....even if you don't suspect a virus....just to clean up your computer so you can maximize your computing experience. Thanks Jim

Lisa Scott Barkley We've been using Jim's services for over 15 years. He's always the first person we call. Fast, efficient and reasonable. Highly recommend him

Carole Jenkins
Thank you to Jim Waller, aka-Computer DR for the quick, friendly and reasonable price service. He got rid of my unwanted new friend and gave the laptop a good check up

Wendy Lunney Jacobs
Wendy Lunney Jacobs Contact Jim, reliable and great service

Amanda Basso
Amanda Basso Jim Waller helped me with what I needed and was quick

Lisa Shaughnessy
Lisa Shaughnessy Box stores are the TERRIBLE for computer repairs. Talk to Jim Waller, "Computer Dr" if you ever have a bigger problem. My first call is always to him. He's never let me down and saved my butt on 3 occasions.

John Day
John Day I have had Jim come & fix up some of my messes & hook up programs for me. I recommend him for great service & the right guidance on better use of my systems. Thanx Jim.

Gary Semeniuk
Gary Semeniuk Thanks goes out to Jim at Computer Dr for getting us back up and running

The Ram Family

Dear Computerdr,
I would like to thank the technician who serviced our family computer.
At first glance it seemed that we had lost all of our unsaved pictures
from our computer. A nasty virus was deleting all of our precious
memories. Thank goodness for the knowledgeable and professional
technician he was able to restore hundreds of our pictures.
Thank you for also updating our software programs. We now have a
computer that is comparable to any new one on the market and for a
fraction of the cost!
You can guarantee we will use Computerdr for all of our computer
problems and upgrades.

Sue Logue
Sue Logue Jim Waller gives awesome Customer service, reasonably priced and always has a smile. He is the go to guy for sure hands down for in home or on the go service!!

Meagan Wray
Meagan Wray Just had him come to my salon to fix our computer!! really friendly and nice!! I will  definitely be calling him again if i have other issues with my computer!

Kris Kerfoot
Kris Kerfoot I would highly recommend the Computerdr’s services. They were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They were able to resolve a computer issue that I had other computer technicians attempt to repair. They were reasonably priced.

Daniel Patterson
Daniel Patterson I had Jim Waller come in to fix my lap top at the shop and it was a right off so Jim set me up with a new ( used ) laptop moved all my files and programs and he had all this done in less then 24 hours . I would highly recommend him .

Glenis Breada Regular
Glenis Breada Regular Great service--computer died on Sunday night. Was picked up, fixed and
delivered within 24 hours. Would highly recommend to anyone with computer issues!!

Jocelyn Walsh
Jocelyn Walsh Excellent Service - kind/friendly/fast - couldn't ask for more convenience than someone who knows what they are doing and comes right to your door to do it!

Donna Gauslin-Moore
Donna Gauslin-Moore Great service!! Came to the office, fixed our issues in no time!!

Sherrie Beaugrand
Sherrie Beaugrand Very impressed with Jim. Picked up & dropped off same day. Highly

Suzanne Bullock
I would like to give a shout out to Jim Waller from the Computer Doctor! I had an issue with my laptop overheating, Jim was able to resolve the issue in minutes and my laptop is no longer having issues. I would strongly suggest giving the Computer Doctor a call if you are in need of a computer repair. He was very professional, efficient and great customer service. I would absolutely recommend!! Thank you!

Marg Phillips
Marg Phillips Yes Computer Dr. is very good. Jim never quite till had my very bad computer up and running. You can count on the Computer Dr. to get your troubles sorted

Tricia Soulier
Tricia Soulier Computer Dr. Responds quickly, takes care of the problem and teaches me a thing or two along the way. I've called on Doc Jim a few times now and recommend him to friends and colleagues.

Lois White
Lois White Jim Waller (Computer Dr.) is the best! Never lets you down - does the job quickly and professionally and best of all - to your satisfaction.

Wendy Wozniak-Arpagaus
Wendy Wozniak-Arpagaus Jim Waller came to my house and fixed 3 computers today. He is amazing! Very quick and amazing prices! I would definitely use him again.

Sandy Moyse
Sandy Moyse Jim has always done a great job fixing my computer or programming a new one. He transfers info from one computer to the other promptly and professinoally. His work is top notch, he picks up and delivers my computer, and his rates are awesome smile emoticon

Lisa Scott Barkley
Lisa Scott Barkley definitely Computer Dr. We have used him for years for personal and business. He is always so quick to respond, gets the job done asap and his pricing is reasonable.

Suzette Seveny-Leeming
Suzette Seveny-Leeming Just curious... why aren't these people posting their own reviews?

Mona Mathews
Mona Mathews Jim Waller fixed our computer promptly , and was even able to save our files after the hard drive died. Thank you Jim for your quick response time and your great service. We would definitely call you again !

Marg Phillips
Marg Phillips Computerdr is very meticulous on making sure my laptop is running top notch. They were able to fix the blue screen of death problems were as Sony Tec support did not have a clue. I highly recommend them to any one with computer issues. They are friendly and have great prices. I will definitely call him again.

Georgina Rentall
Georgina Rentall Jim is Fantastic knows his stuff! He has taken very good care of us over the years.

Andrew Rathbone
Andrew Rathbone Great guy and very knowledgeable about what he's doing

Jean Albert
Jean Albert Just had Jim here yesterday and he solved all my computer problems. Great speedy service too. I highly recommend him.

Patty Lohnes
Patty Lohnes Jim does excellent work!

Gary Semeniuk
Gary Semeniuk Jim is fantastic. Picked up a virus on one of our computers. Jim was on it right away and got us back in business. When he added antivirus some files that were infected went missing and he was able to retrieve them. Vey thankful, great, honest guy.

Connie Shackleton
Connie Shackleton Called the computerdr he helped me and quickly no bullshit just honest help


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